Important of Basketball Uniforms

Published: 24th September 2010
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Uniforms are an integral part of playing in a basketball team. A uniform performs many functions. A good uniform allows for fluid movement, player safety, enhances a player's on-court performance and creates a sense of team unity.


A good uniform will allow for good body movement of a player. Basketball uniforms are manufactured primarily in loose fit style and from fabrics that have a degree of stretch. This allows the player to move with ease and without hindrance. A comfortable, loose fit is also the predominant modern style. It is important to have a uniform made to players' specs to allow for fluid movement.


It is important for a uniform to protect a player. When a uniform fits well a player is able to move fluidly around the court and perform to the best of their ability. Incorrectly fitted shoes and an ill fitting jersey and shorts can restrict a players' range of movement and will not allow a player to perform to the best of their ability and frequently can result in injury.

Better playing ability

Wearing a uniform allows a player to focus on their game, rather than what they are wearing. Having a custom made uniform means that a player is not worried about what they are wearing - whether it fits properly or whether they are wearing the latest trend - they can concentrate solely on their game, which enhances their performance and in turn will result in a better team performance.

When playing in a team sport, a uniform allows for team members to be easily identified. This is crucial for members of a team to be able to recognize their team members so that good passing decisions can be made. This also results in better team performance.

Team unity

Not only are team uniforms important for game practicalities, but for team unity. A united team is a winning team. When members of a team wear a uniform there is a sense of belonging and identity. Unity within a team is crucial to success. When a team is wearing a uniform of high quality that has been custom made to each players' specs there is a great boost to team pride. This in turn enhances player performance and enhances each player's ambition to succeed for their teammates. The high morale of each member is enhanced and their pride can be sensed by their opposition. Team pride and unity when combined with a striking uniform design can really intimidate opponents and help set a team up for outstanding on-court performance.

Uniforms allow for spectators to easily identify a team. A uniform allows a fan to concentrate on watching players' performances rather than focusing on what that player is wearing. Fan support enhances team performance and so it is crucial for fans to be able to recognize their favored team and players.

Good quality custom basketball uniforms allow for all the functions of a team uniform to be met. By educating teams on the importance of their uniform, there is an increase in respect for not only their uniform but for their team. There is a reduction in mistreatment of the uniform, forgetting to wear parts of the uniform and disregard for uniform rules.

The writer of this article is an established company of custom basketball uniforms Australia. Being a great fan of basketball himself, he closely follows and enjoys all aspects of the game.

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